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«Been looking for something like this forever, amazing! As a PM, this will help me communicate small design changes so much easier!»


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Mock up and illustrate potential changes.

Save hours and dozens of back-and-forth emails with your designers and developers when asking for small changes just to test things out.

Save time and hassle.

Turn any website editable with a single click, so you can do your own modifications without a designer or developer. Edit empowers you to stop depending on people to test things out.

Show what you really mean.

Show your design and product teams exactly what you are thinking. Don't just tell them: show them what you want. Improve drastically the communication with your key people.

Test your own ideas.

Try out your own designs and texts. Stop imagining, start creating. You don't need to know to code (you don't need to write or even or even see any code) Just point, click, and edit!

Edit texts. Craft the perfect message

Just click the extension icon on any website to turn the page fully editable. Or use the quick access keyboard shortcut ShiftU to toggle Edit mode on any website. Become the best copywriter you know. And yes, by any we mean any website – Twitter included.

Change pictures. Just drag and drop

Don't stop at editing any text on the website, play with the pictures too. It's as easy as dropping an image on top of another. Works both for regular images and for most background images.

Quick. Lightweight. Instant.

Edit feels just like magic. Engineered for performance, your changes will reflect immediately whether you're removing elements or changing fonts. And it's packed with features that makes it an essential to any copywriter, marketer or entrepreneur's toolkit.

  • Remove elements
  • Change text fonts
  • Change backgrounds
  • Revert changes
  • Minimalist design
  • Fully responsive result

Works everywhere.

Anywhere Chrome might take you, whether you are on Windows or Mac, Edit will be there to help you in what you may be trying to get done. Whatever it is. Here's some examples:

Try out potential changes
  • Preview different wordings
  • Experiment with multiple pictures
  • Until you find the perfect combination
Create edits just for fun
  • Alter Tweets and social media posts
  • Magically "appear" in the news
  • Please be ethical and respectful
Test on competitors' sites
  • Preview competitors' changes
  • Test as if it was your own site
  • Take ideas for your own website
* Edit keeps your changes local, and will be reverted once you refresh the page. Edit does not save the changes to the original website. Edit is as a tool to help people make small changes and tests on websites – and it is not intended to be a replacement for any kind of content management system or similar applications, and of course does not substitute the work of a designer or developer.

Users love Edit

Read what real users are already saying about Edit. All users and quotes are 100% real and literal – they might have only been translated from other languages into English.

Start editing like a pro.

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