Yes! Edit works everywhere Google Chrome for desktop can run: this means Edit works perfectly fine both on Windows and macOS.

For the moment, though, Edit has not been ported for Safari and/or Firefox, it only works on Google Chrome. It does not work on Android or iOS, either, because Chrome for mobile does not support browser extensions.

No, Edit is not intended to make permanent modifications to a website. Edit just modifies the way a certain page looks, it's frontend, and thus all changes are only local. Once you reload the page, all changes will be gone, so make sure you get a screenshot of your edits before reloading or closing the page!

No, Edit is not a website builder. Edit is not intended as a fully fledged web editor either.

Edit is meant as a tool to quickly make changes to a website with the purpose of testing out different texts, images or colors. It has been designed with copywriters, frontend developers and marketers in mind, and is not intended to replace or even mimic advanced website building tools. Edit modifies already existing websites, it does not help create one from zero.

Edit works on a per-browser license model for each user. This means every single computer needs its own Edit license to work.

If you want to stop using Edit on your current computer and would like to switch the license to a new one, just activate the license on the new computer and the old one will be automatically deactivated.

You can absolutely buy more than one license! Please contact for more info.

Using Edit is extremely simple! You will likely be able to get started without any kind of help.

We've also created a step-by-step how-to guide.

This guide will also pop up when you first install and activate your Edit license. In any case, you can always find it by right clicking the Edit icon at the top bar and then selecting «How to use Edit».

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