No Code

What is No Code?

A No-Code development platform is a tool designed for building software applications without any coding skills; becoming a great alternative for non-technical business users that are looking to develop digital projects or digitalize their business.

Examples of No-Code tools


Airtable is a complete online system where users can store, share, and edit information collaboratively. That information can be ideas, tasks, lists or anything else, creating complete databases.


Edit is a Chrome extension that allows you to edit any website without any coding or web design skills, empowering digital users to try out any changes in their websites in real time and sharing it with others.


Gumroad is the perfect tool to build simple payment options for your website without any coding skills and with an affordable solution for entrepreneurs and creators.

Examples of No-Code resources


 NuCode.Co is a community of makers and experts learning and teaching how to make projects real with no-code tools, allowing others to make their projects come true, without the need to learn to code.

NoCode Journal

NoCodeJournal communicates no-code apps to a wider audience, as well as letting know to people that there are multiple apps that can make user’s projects real without spending a lot of hours learning how to code.

Oh, and by the way!

Are you already using Edit?

This blog is run by Edit, a Chrome extension that turns any website editable in a single click.

It's very useful for marketers, copywriters and digital professionals in general because it allows to try and test quick changes on the content of a website in the easiest and simplest of ways, without the need for any designer of developer. You don't need any programming knowledge whatsoever either. It feels *really* empowering! Just have a look:

Since you're already reading blog posts like this one, you might enjoy using it! It may very well save you hours and dozens of back-and-forth emails with your designers and developers when asking for small changes just to test things out!

Check it out!

What is Edit?

Edit is a Chrome extension that turns any website editable in a single click.