UX copywriting: everything you should know

What is UX copywriting?

UX copywriting is the art of using the language to make easier and enjoyable brand experiences. In addition, UX copywriting can be used to make the user experience on the web more intuitive and understandable for the user, especially on those sites where the dynamics can be complicated or long.

Differences between UX copywriting and copywriting

UX copywriting is not the same as copywriting, on the one hand, copywriting seeks to convince, to move a user action, while UX copywriting seeks to make the user’s contact with the web easier:

  • Copywriting uses seductive language, which seeks to attract the user while UX copywriting uses simple language, which seeks to communicate instructions.
  • Copywriting is sales-oriented, while UX copywriting is product-oriented, seeking to make contact with the product easier
  • Copywriting has its origin in marketing, while UX copywriting works with designers
  • Storytelling is the heart of copywriting while UX copywriting seeks to have conversations with the user.

UX Copywriting books

If you want to learn some great tips, these are some good books you must check out:

  • Writing is Designing: in this book, the authors highlight how writing is about fitting words together and design is about solving problems but both, writing and designing, need to be created together to build a cohesive user experience.
  • Strategic Writing for UX: so here we see UX copywriting defined as a form of copywriting that looks for the needs of users, focusing on interactions that the user has with the content rather than the user’s simply reading the content passively.
  • Nicely Said: this books defends that content will always be king and should be prioritise to code, web development or any other important part of a site.
  • The Content Strategy Toolkit: it provides clear lines to develop and implement a content strategy with UX copywriting examples to inspire content creators.

In conclusion, in this post we have reviewed what’s UX copywriting and their main difference from general copywriting, while suggesting some great books to deep dive in UX copywriting and learn from real professional, sharing real examples to inspire those who are willing to learn from this specific field of copywriting.

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What is Edit?

Edit is a Chrome extension that turns any website editable in a single click.