Best No-Code app builders for your next project

So here it is. We have worked hard to bring you the best and most curated guide of no-code app builders, a valuable tool when you have an startup idea that needs an app but don’t master coding.

With no-code platforms, those days when a lack of coding knowledge meant that you couldn’t have any access to code for your company are long gone. Now, numerous no-code platforms have appeared to make app building accesible to all. Let’s check them out!


Xano offers you a scalable backend fully no code and with a ready-to-use API that let’s you manage data to and from any source.

Main benefits

Build and scale any Backend right away

Xano includes a flexible backend builder that lets you design and create API-based backends with full support.

Multiple options

Choose from a variety of templates to get started right away! Take also a chance with their extensions for integrating services like Twilio.

Any front-end tool will work

There are no rules about front-end, giving you the possibility to build it with tools like Webflow or Adalo (will talk about this tool later) and then creating the backend and logic with Xano.

Innovative No-Code components

You can find rare features within No-code tools, like OAuth, Geo-Location… that will make your project even more complete!


Thunkable is an app builder open everybody that is looking to build apps without code and even for developers that want to develop a product in a fast way.

With its system by blocks, you will be able to build your app by dragging and dropping components while connecting them together. Easy-peasy!


Shoutem includes great and numerous features, allowing you to create a well- designed and specific app without a single line of code, working from all their great templates.

If you don’t have time to develop your own app, you can hire the full service team to create your app.


With Flipet, you can create apps from scratch using drag and drop pre-built components, different features and templates, making easy to create your dreamed app without coding.

In addition, Flipet includes a data manager dashboard to control everything that is happening within your app as well as giving you the opportunity of sharing your app directly in any formats or devices, as well as uploading it directly to App Store or Google PlayStore.


AppMachine allows you to create mobile apps directly from templates by their block building system. This service is very oriented to specific cases like restaurants or schools. In addition, you can become a reseller within their web and help create apps for others.


Bubble gives you the tools to design, develop and launch web apps without code. No more slow and expensive IT development to get your app, being able to design a fully functional, multi-user for both desktop and mobile.


Bravo studio puts, overall, design first, enabling you to create beautiful apps without code, publishing them directly to the main stores (both iOS and Android). In addition, it includes the possibility to connect your design to external tools via APIs to add even more complexity to your app.


Backendless makes app development simple, giving you the opportunity to build your own with no code.

Main Benefits


This system allows you to build an app where frontend and backend are synchronized, with no need for integrations.

Multi-user and Secure Visual Data Management

Backendless allows you to have role-based security system to protect all your data from any threats, being able yo work simultaneously.

Everything Together

Backenless allows you to manage everything from one place: user management, file storage, push notification console, live chat, real-time data, API…


Create an app to reach your business goals powered by AirTable or Google Sheets, no code required.

Stacker looks to create a useful app for customers, creating portals for customers to update their information, review orders or catalogue.., partners, to keep them updated and browse information… and teams, being able to manage CRMs, forms, approval systems… all from a spreadsheet!


Glide gives you an amazing freedom with a really intuitive design, combining app building with spreadsheets to create the next amazing app. In addition, you can start your app directly from the wide range of templates and launch the app directly for free.

Main benefits

Fully no – code

The only thing you need is a spreadsheet, Glide will take care of the design, data and everything you need without any coding skills.

Easy sharing

Glide allows to create instant links and QRs to share you app instantly.

Beautiful design

The design looks to be polished and familiar by customising the app with drag & drop components.


If you’re looking for no-code app builders, Adalo makes creating apps easy without writing a single line of code, being able to publish your app to the different stores, like Apple Store, Google Play or your own website.

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