The best web resources to find your perfect no-code app

Looking for an app that makes your life easier for the next project and doesn’t involve being a code jedi? Well, we believe we can help you! Here, we will include different web resources that will keep you updated about the no-code movement while helping you find the app you definitely need.

No Code Tech

In, you will find 200+ resources to start your next project without involving solid coding skills. From analytics to no-code builders, here you will find the no-code app you were looking for while learning from some real projects that have already made their projects real.


More than a resource catalogue, NuCode.Co is a community of makers and experts learning and teaching how to make projects real with no-code tools, allowing others to make their projects come true, without the need to learn coding.

NoCode Journal

NoCodeJournal looks to communicate the no-code apps to a wider audience, as well as letting know to the people that there are multiple apps that can make user’s projects real without spending lot of hours learning how to code.

Product Design Resources

Product Design Resources is mostly focused on designers and showing them useful resources to make them work better. This web includes useful resources as tools, book recommendations, podcast, talks, copywriting tips … (if you’re really interested in copywriting, check out our blog post to know about some of the best copywriting tools) what makes it a really good reference web for designers that are starting in the designing world.

Among all their catalogue, you can find some really cool no-code resources, check them out here.

Startup Tracker

Startup Tracker is not a resource catalogue for makers but a cool web that gives you the opportunity to discover trending startups and digital tools that can be useful for those willing to create the next big thing.

It also has a community, as you can vote for your favourite tool or startup to make it go up in the ranking. Inside all their options, you can find no-code startups and tools that can be a perfect fit of what you’re looking for.

Oh, and by the way!

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Since you're already reading blog posts like this one, you might enjoy using it! It may very well save you hours and dozens of back-and-forth emails with your designers and developers when asking for small changes just to test things out!

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What is Edit?

Edit is a Chrome extension that turns any website editable in a single click.